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  • Starters

    Starters (38)

    A great selection of mouth-watering Indian starters.
  • Vegetarian Starters

    Vegetarian Starters (12)

    A great selection of delicious vegetarian Indian starters.
  • Chef Specialities

    Chef Specialities (43)

    These dishes come with a plain rice or pilau rice
  • Vegetarian Chef Specialties

    Vegetarian Chef Specialties (11)

    Delicious vegetarian dishes that come with a plain rice or pilau rice.
  • Special Dishes

    Special Dishes (22)

    This dishes come with plain or pilau rice, please select.
  • Bhuna

    Bhuna (6)

    Tomato and onions are used to make this dry curry from the Punjab region
  • Balti

    Balti (27)

    A tomato based dish with a wonderful spicy richness. Balti dishes come with a plain nan bread
  • Biryani

    Biryani (11)

    Basmati rice cooked with chicken, lamb vegetable or prawns in ghee with sultanas and almonds. Served with a small vegetable curry.
  • Ceylon

    Ceylon (6)

    A Southern Indian dish, hot, spicy and made with coconut.
  • Dhansak

    Dhansak (6)

    Cooked with lentils and fresh garlic to produce a sweet sour and hot taste
  • Dupiaza

    Dupiaza (6)

    A medium hot Indian curry with tomatoes and plenty of onions.
  • Kashmir

    Kashmir (6)

    A mild dish, cooked with banana cream and lychee.
  • Korma

    Korma (6)

    A mildly spiced creamy Indian curry dish marinated in yogurt.
  • Madras

    Madras (6)

    A fairly hot tasty curry, red in colour, with chili powder and spices.
  • Malayan

    Malayan (6)

    A mild to medium creamy dish cooked with pineapple.
  • Rogan

    Rogan (6)

    Fresh coriander, mustard oil and tomatoes are used to create this medium spiced dish from Bengal.
  • Tandoori

    Tandoori (11)

    Marinated and grilled in a clay oven and served with a side salad. Tandoori dishes are dry and you many enjoy one of our vegetable side dishes and a nan bread to make a complete meal.
  • Vindaloo

    Vindaloo (6)

    A very hot curry with tomatoes, onions and loads of chillies.
  • Vegetarian Mains

    Vegetarian Mains (40)

    A selection of our favourite vegetarian dishes. Prepared with fresh vegetables and our surprisingly low fat soya or Quorn meat alternatives.
  • Curry

    Curry (6)

    Le Spice classic tasty curry.
  • Fish

    Fish (7)

    Some fantastic unique Indian fish dishes. Served with a choice of rice
  • English Dishes

    English Dishes (6)

    A selection of well-prepared English dishes.
  • Side Dishes and Extras

    Side Dishes and Extras (26)

    A variety of Indian side dishes, sauces and raithas to make a meal of your favourite curry. The dishes below as a main dish go to 'Vegetarian Main'
  • Rice and Breads

    Rice and Breads (23)

    A variety of Indian rices and breads to make a meal of your favourite curry.

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